Friday, October 30, 2009

Here We Come Auburn!

So I've been here in lovely Auburn WA for over a week and I am still amazed at the beauty I see every day! It does not feel real and I feel that any moment something is going to jar me awake and I will find that I'm back in California living at my mom's with my two boys and my husband two states away. I pinch myself and YES I am really here and it feels wonderful!

So far I have not really ventured out too much since my car is still in brown Cali but I have been to the local Super Wal-Mart! Right now I am very content just staying in our rental and looking out my window at the Green Valley River that flows behind our home. I enjoy watching the fall leaves slowly drop down to the river as a light shower suddenly takes over. No ~ even after being here over a week I have not gotten tired of all the rain, it feels as if God is washing away all the dirt and grime my family has gone through this last year and is making us fresh as we start a new chapter in our lives ~ Auburn WA!