Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh Me, Oh My

I can't even believe it's been six months since I posted! Life has been good in my absence. I had a chance to go back home to California in July for my 20th High School Reunion and see some old, dear friends and stay with my Mom. We had close family friends move up our way and many campfires we're had  with the roasting of marshmallow's ~ some gigantic! 10 and 7 have started school again in September and as a family we've enjoyed a new chapter ~ Junior Football! It's been a full time commitment, practices four days a week, with games on the weekends, but 10 is having a ball!
The seasons have change since last I wrote and now the leaves are changing as the days get cooler and shorter. We made a trip to our local pumpkin patch and picked out our family pumpkins on Friday. Can't wait to see how each of the pumpkins turn out. The house has been decorated for Halloween since mid September as I love this holiday and the Fall season. Thanksgiving is just around the corner as is 7's birthday and mine. One more year and I will be 40! Hard to believe as I feel so young inside. Today is a day of cleaning and laundry getting prepared for the beginning of a new week. If only I could get 10 and 7 to clean without complaining and bickering. It's is so warm and cozy here in cabin, does kind of make it hard to get the cleaning started. Can't we just lay around all day on the couch, watching old 80's movies, filling our bellies with popcorn and candy? Oh me, oh my!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Good Morning

I woke up super early this morning ~ like 4:30 early. I had such a hard time falling back to sleep after hubby left for work that I just gave up trying.  I made myself a pot of coffee and caught up with the latest episode of DWTS all while listening to 7 snoring lightly in the back ground. I really love having this quiet time in the morning before the boys get up, and really kick myself for not doing it more often. I get to sip my cup o joe while watching the river go by. So peaceful!  Man, it's a good morning!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I seriously LOVE Wednesday's! Wednesday's are my hubby's Friday so that means I get two days while 10 and 7 are in school all alone with my babe.  Yep,  9 is no longer 9 ~ he turned 10 in January. Since the weather has been better and we both are sickness free we started up our hiking again last week on hubby's weekend. It was wonderful to be outside, but man on the first day we could barely make it up our first incline. It was pretty pathetic! Seriously ~ me 38, and my young buck at 36, and we had to stop midway to catch our breath. My legs were shaking and both our hearts were beating so hard in our chest. But at least we were pathetic together. So what is your favorite day of the week?

Loft $100 Giveaway

I know it's been a while but I thought I'd share with you a wonderful giveaway and fabulous blog! I found Really Petite on the Loft Facebook page and she has a $100 Loft Gift Card Giveaway going on right now in celebration of her 1 year blog anniversary. Check my side bar for link to enter!