Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UGH! Feeling Gloomy!

I've really been in a funk for a couple months now! I'm not motivated at all in doing much of anything and I'm still in my pj's as I write this while 9 and 6 are watching tv...... It's officially their Spring Break and yep ~ we're sitting in the cabin! UGH! It's pretty gloomy today, but hasn't rain yet. My house is a mess, the boxes in the mud room still remain in the mud room untouched, and I know my hubby though as sweet as he has been is probably terribly frustrated with me. I'm so ready to snap out of it and I'm even considering going to the doctor to get prescription help, but would rather try and work through it but I'm not quite sure I'll be able. I kind of just want to take something to smack my head with to get myself back! Sheesh! I'm still able to do the norm like eat, make meals, do the dishes and laundry but anything else, forget about it!

My Easter brought me sunshine and lighten my spirits. Spending time with my bestie and her family was such a breath of fresh air. They only thing that would have made it any better is if my hubby had been there too. We filled our bellies with yummy grub. I got to see all the treasures she's been making for her upcoming craft show, and just hung out and laughed. Good times. I hoping that they will be able to make it out to the cabin this coming weekend for lunch and so her kids can explore and check out the river.

Enough being mopey ~ think it's about time I jump in the shower and get my day started!

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  1. Yah...totally know what you mean!! I hope you can get out of this funk soon!

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