Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dirty, Dirty Bird!

That's what I feel like saying as I look around the cabin! Monday I had it all nice and picked up and then 9 and 7 came home from school and BAM ~ dirty!

Do you ever feel that way. Feel like "I just spent 5 hours cleaning, and it's all undone in 5 minutes!" Coming from a house that was 1500 square feet to one that is just under 1000, I thought it should be easier to keep clean, but sadly untrue. I'm not working anymore, home all the time, but it seems as if my actions make no difference. Should I just let go and figure our home will be in a constant shape of a total hot mess until maybe the boys are in High School? Does it even get any better as they age, or will it only change once they are grown and out of the house? I know once it's gone, I'll probably miss their messes, but it sure is frustrating at the moment. Even my Facebook status reads my frustration as I'm asking Santa, "All I want for Christmas is for my boys to pick up after themselves." Toys, clothes, shoes, books, just junk in general because I have a mini hoarder (7) living amongst me, surrounds me! That, and the never ending pile of laundry! Boys are just dirty, dirty, birds, but I love them anyway.

Thanks for letting me rant. Whew ~ I feel much better!


  1. Boys are dirty, and I am convinced they always will be until they are married with children of their own.

  2. HAHAHAHAH! I feel like that and I don't even have kids yet! Yikes...


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