Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Stranger Among Us

I can't even describe what I have been feeling all day! In my hall closet something lies..... rotting..... waiting.....

For that last two weeks here at the cabin we've been trying to catch a mouse ~ I pray to God it is only one (please lord, please). We've put out traps ~ starting with peanut butter, which the little, vile, creature ate, and then cheese, which was never touched. Nothing happened ~ no new droppings (gag) ~ nothing, poof, and he was gone! 6 had mentioned that he heard some squeaking sounds from the hall closet ~ I thought it was his imagination, because why would the mouse go in there? No chance to find any food in there...... but last night 9 opened the hall door, and said "Mom I think the mouse was in the closet.... and I think it's dead". Hubby was already asleep in bed, and I was NOT going to check it out in the middle of the night. NO WAY!! I decided to check it out this morning ~ opened the door, and yep it's dead ~ or least it smells like it's dead! ( gag, nasty, disgusting, my skin is creeped out all over) I immediately shut the door and called my hubby at work, all the while gasping for fresh air.

"Hi." (opening up the kitchen window)
"Hi honey."
"Babe, I think I found the mouse ~ it's in the hall closet, and it's dead." (fear in my voice)
"Did you get it out?"
"I can't do it ~ you're going to have to do it. I'm so freaked out!" (still fear in my voice)
"But it's dead! Are you afraid that the dead mouse will jump out at you?"
"I know, but the air mattress is in there, and it's heavy, and I'm really afraid there might be some creepy crawlies in there too.!" (panic in my voice is rising ~ I am SO afraid of spiders..... so very, very afraid)
"So you're going to make me, with my weak stomach, go in there to get it out?" (hubby has such a weak stomach for fowl smells ~ he has thrown up more than once while changing 6's poopie diapers, cat litter duties while I was pregnant, and a woman at his work has such bad breath that he has to leave the room or he will literally gag)
"Babe I'll help you anyway I can ~ I just can't, won't touch the mattress....."
With a chuckle " That's fine.... I'll do it when I get home".
"I love you."
"I love you too."

Praise the Lord!

I wonder if he'd be willing to pick up pizza for dinner on his way home?

To be continued......

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  1. Another well written post!! I feel your pain but I couldn't stop laughing. A perk of country life I guess...yuck!!! Glad to hear your uninvited guest is dead.


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