Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just Hopping Along

Hello friends! Did you miss me? Not much has been going on here at the cabin, just a little cleaning, a little selling, and a little bit of raining. The river is the biggest it has been since our arrival last October. It is beautiful and scary at the same time. 9 and 6 our home two extra days with me because of Memorial Day. Pray for me that I make it through, as I will be needing all the help I can get! Boys never do anything small, or quiet for that matter, as any of you with more than one boy will shout AMEN as you read this right now! Good thing my hubby took me to get some vitamins this week, and I'm all stocked up with some St. Johns Wart (which helps to promote a positive mood) and Dong Quai (female Ginseng) ~ oh and a multi vitamin along with some calcium. Whew! So this is the start of my third day taking my self help vita's and I must say I do already feel a little different, a little more peaceful, with a touch of a little more patience. I'm counting down to when 9 will comment about my change ~ let's see if he'll even take notice. Since he's a lot like me ~ I say yes!
Now to introduce you to two new members of our family ~ Mr. Toad and Leap! We've had these little guys for over a month now, and they are still ALIVE! Our neighbor caught these two little tree frogs while she was mowing her property and set them aside for 9 and 6. Hubby and I were able to find a aquarium at good ole Goodwill, and it was so fun to watch all my men collect moss, rocks, and tree clippings for the little frogs. It's crazy fun too to watch them gobble up live crickets when they are fed. We did have a Salamander (Sammy) as well, but decided to let him go last week, as his coloring didn't look too well, and 6 was so sad, but he didn't want Sammy to die. They both helped hubby let him go under a nice dark spot under a log with lots of ants all about.

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  1. You are an amazing writer a talent you have been hiding from me!! I love this post and your talents don't stop at the writing but photography too!!! I miss my Cali girl and all of her men!!



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