Monday, July 26, 2010

On a Search for the Perfect? One Piece

So I finally got up the courage the other day to tell my hubby that I didn't feel comfortable wearing bikini's anymore... I'm 37, and had two pregnancies with two over 8 pound babies in my small 5' 1" frame. Can we say stretch marks ALL over the tummy. I love my hubby for still loving my post baby body and still wanting me to wear a two piece swimsuit, but I'm sure that no one else wants to look at those marks, and I never want to be one of those women that people look at and say "She really shouldn't be wearing that!" So the key for me was to find a swimsuit that was inexpensive, cute, and a little sexy. I searched at Victoria's Secret, and they did have some very stylish suits, but too expensive. We were going to Satan's Playground (Wal-Mart) that day and hubby suggested we take a look there. Nothing in the Juniors, and in the Women's only the most ugliest, grandma swimsuits were left, plus nothing small enough to fit me. My guess was I was looking too late in the season at the store, and my best luck would still be to search on-line. So that's what I did! I found a great website,, that pulls items from other websites. So many one-pieces, but so little money. Hubby found the style he really liked (Bandeau) in a beautiful suit by Marc Jacobs, but $170! Never gonna happen!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

So we limited the search to just Bandeau and I continued looking as hubby got ready for bed. A lot of the suits from Newport News were really in my price range ($39 and below) so I headed over to the site to look in more detail. What I found was a Bandeau Tankini at $15 dollars a piece (my kind of price) a little similar to the style hubby liked (because of the belt). I called him over to take a quick look before he slumbered off, and he gave it a go. I think the color is kind of different (Peridot and Dark Peacock) hopefully in person it won't look like I wearing baby poop on top. So here I wait patiently for it's arrival.... that it fits, covers all my post babiness, and still looks a little sexy.

Newport News Tankini

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