Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Had a Little Shaun White and Didn't Even Know It!

Yesterday 6 bangs were so in his eyes that I decided to give him a little trim. Boy did I botch it up! I had even trimmed his bangs dry since his hair is curly and knew when wet it would shrink. He still looks cute in my eyes even though it looks a little Lloyd Christmas.

Later on in the day the boys were playing down by the river and there were a group of tubers going by. Seriously ~ as soon as we hit warm, sunny weather, the tubers have been non stop floating down the river. One guys shout "Hey little Shaun White ~ You're a little Shaun White!" It never even occurred to me ~ but wadda ya think? Lol! He may resemble Mr. White with the curls and red hair, but he will always be my lil pickle!

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  1. He DOES look like a mini Shaun White! Ha! But he is definitely cuter!!!!!

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