Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Uh, Yeah, Didn't Like So Much

Uh, yeah, that Tankini I ordered, well from my title you get my feeling on that subject....

The color really wasn't too bad, but the quality of the suit itself was lacking a bit. The top has "soft cups" which once I tried on were totally noticeable, and I really had ordered the wrong size and should of ordered a size down. Plus it's never a good thing when your hubby tells you that you look like a super hero, though he swears that I looked adorable... Mmmkay. So what I guess I'm saying in this case is cheaper isn't necessarily better.

So today I was on a mad hunt AGAIN to find the perfect one piece. Man I was on the computer FOREVER looking. The suits were either too grandma for my taste or way too sexy. Some of the sexy ones really gave me a giggle.... but finally I found a website, 6pm.com, that had some designer suits discounted. Now I was still on the search for a Bandeau one piece, since hubby really like that style. I found a gray one made by Juicy Couture that I thought would be perfect, plus it was marked down 70% off which still left it at $48.00. The site allowed me to email it to my hubby and I gave him a call to get his opinion. He gave it a go, so I now have it on order! Yay me! So again, I'm hoping that it fits, I can already tell it will cover my post babiness, and lets hope it looks a little sexy, and less like a super hero!

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