Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coffee Anyone?

So yesterday I was working on a couple boxes from the good ole mud room and came across the box that had all my grandmothers antique pieces she had given me. I was unwrapping all her tea cups that she had saved of her own mother, my great grandmother Muriel, and then a few newer ones that my grandmother had collected. Back home I had them stored way up high in one my kitchen cabinets, and I thought to myself "Why"? Why had I stored them up so high where I could not easily look at them or even use them? They are all so pretty in their own way, each one different, each one unique. I can just imagine my great grandmother sitting at her kitchen table drinking a cup of tea maybe with a friend or even my grandmother. So I've decided that every morning instead of grabbing my big chunky white mug I'm going to be a lady, and drink my cup o joe from a tea cup!


  1. AWE they are gorgeous!!! My girlfriend had a garage sale and you know how when you have one ppl try to get you to sell THEIR stuff. Well one of her friends left a big box of beautiful china!! My girlfriend just gave it to me and I use it everyday! It makes me feel fancy to sip my coffee from fine china and think that my kids eat off of beautiful china dishes!! I love your special family find and I bet your coffee will taste better too!!


  2. Beautiful tea sets!!My Mom collects tea sets. And a BIG THANKS for the yummy sounding crockpot recipe, can't wait to try it out. I totally swore I was already following you, but I digress..I am now! And I really like the new suit you ordered, it's cute, not at all superhero-esque.

  3. You could also use them to display your jewelry on your dresser. I've been wanting to do that ever since I saw it on Apartment Therapy.

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