Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free at Last!

YES!!! This last week marked "Back, back, back, to school Week, week, week"!!! The boys started school and the first time in months my hubby and I had sometime alone to have some fun, and well just reconnect as husband and wife. It was WONDERFUL!

So Monday will mark the first time since we moved up to Washington that I will be totally alone. I have such grand plans of what I will do with my time and I sure hope that I stay on track and succeed. I'm going to start exercising at home in the mornings to help lower my cholesterol, and then tackle that good ole mud room once and for all! I already started last week and yesterday we took three large boxes, and one bag of clothes to GW. It felt soooo good! Send some positive juju my way please ~ I will get this done I swear. I will also be tackling the painting of the furniture. I've already picked up some paint to play with and I'm really excited to get this cabin lighted up since fall is right around the corner and things are going to start getting some what dreary here in October.

So with that said I do love my boys to death, but I could also tell that they were completely happy to get back to school, away from one another for 8 hours, and I'm sure away from their lovely mother who was ready for a break. Completely pathetic I know, but remember I was a full time working mom not too long ago and never spent a full summer with my boys. With all the bickering, and fighting between the two, and no matter how frustrated I got in the back of my mind I knew it was a blessing and I would never be able to get those moments back again. I love my lil men!

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