Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frosty Morning with Blue Skies

Yay! It's a winter wonderland when I woke up this morning! My hubby will be home today and it's blue skies all the way! I'm so excited to have him home ~ it's so hard being away from your very best friend in the whole world! As promised ~ I was able to capture pictures of the frost spider webs this morning. They look completely different from yesterday so I'm hoping in the future to get a picture of the webs with the frozen dew drops. They look like diamonds all over the web and so magical! It's terribly cold outside but looks absolutely breath taking! I seriously cannot wait for it to snow and I will probably be bitting my tongue when that actually happens! But in the meantime I will enjoy my frosty morning sipping on my cup o joe with blue skies all the way!

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