Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello... My Name is Kristie....

And I'm a thriftaholic!!! Honestly ~ it is getting WAY out of hand, and I told my hubby last night after showing him my loot from yesterday that I'm going to stop for a while. Instead of going a few times a week, I think I'll cut it down to maybe once a month. I don't really spend a lot of money, but if you add it up for the month, it does accumulate a bit. I have SO much to do here at the cabin, I think I was also using my shopping trips as a diversion to get what I really need done, done! Sheesh! Get with it Kristie!!

* Enjoy my pic's of me struggling to come to my decision of cutting back...... I look pretty sad huh? Sad in my husbands thermals that I now sleep in since they are so comfy warm! Lol! No, really my hubby was playing with the camera and I found these on there.*

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