Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sick and Tired!

Argh! I can't even believe that I'm sick again! 9 caught a cold last week and lucky me, I caught it last Friday! I'm starting to feel back to normal a bit, but seemed to be choking on some serious mucus for days now! So freakin gross ~ and I'm sure your totally thrilled that I shared that lovely info with you! So needless to say I have not been up to much this week. Laying around a bunch, but still doing laundry, cleaning dishes, and sharing lonely time with my trusted friend My Mac! Oh how I love thee! You truly allow me to keep in touch with friends and family. You don't judge me. You know that I'm a Blog~aholic, that I visit Facebook frequently everyday. That I loved to browse clothing website that I could never afford. You know I have imperfections, but you love me anyway ~ because you know not everyone is perfect. Yikes ~ did I really write all that out loud for you all to read?!? Must be all that mucus going to my head! Don't hate the writer ~ hate the cold with the meds and what it causes the writer to say, or write what the writer is thinking.... uh, yeah, hmm, m-kay.....


  1. Ugh! It is because of this crazy weather. Feel better soon!!


  2. I love you more than that MAC ever will! Shazam!!


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