Friday, February 26, 2010

When I Look in the Mirror

This last year and a half have truly been one of the most difficult times in my life ~ actually the last two and half years would be more accurate. Loss of many "things", but with those losses I gained strength. It's amazing to me that the things I have endured have not crippled me, made me curl up in a ball, refusing to go on. In times of toil and trouble I have always tried to be a positive person ~ don't get me wrong, I also go through the gamut of emotions ~ anger, sorrow, bitterness. I cry, but in the end, I try to focus on the positives. When I look in the mirror I see someone looking back at me who has aged this past year, more wrinkles, gray hairs, and bulges where bulges didn't exist before. I know that I'm not a young buck anymore at the tender age of 37, but have always felt young and still looked young until now. But maybe stressors in your life can truly change your appearance, along with age of course. With this move, my hubby and I really feel as if we are starting fresh, in his career, our home. I think that maybe it can also be a fresh start for me, in the way I take care of myself. In the past I never had to worry about what I ate, but now there are bulges where there were none earlier. By no means am I over weight, but I am less active than I was when I was working in California, and running around with my busy former life. Being here I'm living a slow paced life, not out and about as much mainly due to the weather. So while I try and get this home unpacked, organized, and de-cluttered I think I will take the time to try something new, 9's yoga dvd, that my mom so eagerly bought for him while we were living with her during our transition. I'm going to try and limit my coffee, which me LOVES, and drink more water. Maybe even actually start using that Retin-A that my mom swears by to help them lovely wrinkles around my face, that even though is aging, my hubby still loves. When I look in the mirror I do see someone who is aged, but who is happy, feels blessed, and who is excited about this new chapter in her life!

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  1. From tribulations come great blessings! It is really true. I hope you have a great start to your new adventures :)


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