Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goodwill Hunting Monday

Yesterday I was all by my lonesome and decided to swing by my Goodwill after I had run a few errands! All green tags were half off and I found some fabulous finds! At least I think they are fabulous and that what's important, no? You know me and how I love me some jackets.... I found these two and they were both green tagged! Whoo hoo! The leather jacket is a Wilson Leather and I got it for a whopping $7.49!!! The brown cord jacket is Tulle and $3.00 with the discount. The pink waffle J Crew henley I saw a few weeks ago but didn't grab it, went back the next day and could not find it. Yesterday it was found and half off for $1.99! YES! The tunic under the leather jacket was not on sale so I did spend $5.99, but it is brand stinkin new! LOVE IT! And the boots are the Shop Goodwill find that I posted about and finally picked them up at the Post Office yesterday! They are a yummy chocolate brown Anne Klein brand new! I won the bid for $19.00, but with shipping and handling they ended up being $30.00 a little too much then I would normally spend, but ME LOVES THEM anyway! I spied this coffee table while I was there and took the whole family back last night to look at it. Now I know it looks pretty ugly, but I'm planning on painting it either black or maybe a cottage white, but distressing it a bit. Even if it turns out bad it was only $19.99. What do you think? Oh, and since my love is always on my mind, I picked up this Eddie Bauer sweater, and YES it was green tagged and only $3.49!


  1. These are some great finds, Kristie! And I, actually, really like that coffee table. Like you said, with a little repainting it is going to look amazing!


  2. Wow...You TOTALLY scored!!! Check out those deals!



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