Monday, February 8, 2010

Time to Get Mooving!

Okay ~ so my work in progress really hasn't been progressing. I really haven't unpacked too many of the boxes in the mud-room, first because we've been sick, and secondly I really don't have anywhere to put most of the stuff since our furniture isn't moved in yet. Hubby and I are planning on renting a U-Haul tomorrow to bring over everything else from storage that he and I can move together. There will be a few items like our computer armoire that I won't be able to help him with, but we'll work it out and get maybe one of his uncles or cousins to help with that. My plan of attack is to put most of the boxes stacked neatly in the mud-room, put the obvious boxes like our clothing in the bedrooms and move what furniture we can in the house and get the landlord furniture back to him tomorrow. Whew! I'm already exhausted thinking about it! I'm just so tired of not having our things here, furniture wise. I'm terribly worried that the landlords furniture will get ruined somehow because of 9 and 6. I would just feel awful if that happened! My hubby is really anxious about having all the boxes here ~ he does not like clutter, but I told him he has to be done! We are paying $163.00 a month on the storage unit now and that sure could be used for other things. So tonight I plan to get a good night sleep and take a deep breath in the morning and dive in! Wish us luck ~ we'll need it!

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  1. Once you get started it won't be so bad, the anticipation is always the worse. Don't worry though, you will be fine! :D



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