Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spooktablous Halloween!

This year marked the first year that my wonderful hubby was not able to participate in Halloween. We have always been so very blessed with his previous employment that he was always home and able to come along with our boys to Trick or Treat. But because in California with the economy being as it is construction has slowed down tremendously, being on the out of work list of hundreds in his union with no end in sight he decided to fall back to truck driving. Instead of driving over the road we decided that he head up to Washington since he has family there, and it is somewhere we had always dreamed of going. We were unable to pay our mortgage and we're having to Short Sale our home of seven years, we had nothing left to lose. Thankfully after being up there for over two months he found employment. Whew ~ we could actually breath again! He is making half the pay and having to work evenings, but he's home everyday, sleeping ~ but home, and we are able to start to rebuild our lives. So this year at Halloween we still did our annual costume shopping with our boys (but on a budget), trip to the local pumpkin patch, and carving of the pumpkins. Halloween day though, the boys and I were able to go spend the weekend with my dear best friend in Silverdale and hour and twenty minutes away where we got to join in their tradition of Trick or Treating in the neighborhood ~ which was a good thing, because here in Auburn it is so rural where we are and the house are so sparse and far apart that the only way we could of possibly have done what we thought was normal Trick or Treating was to either drive to another neighborhood or go to Supermall! Now that would of been interesting, because I'm sure my boys would of been window shopping as well as Trick or Treating and asking for everything under the sun! So my bestie and I took our kids around the neighborhood in the clean crisp mountain air to get their yummy treats. We even got lost along the way and had to call her hubby for help as he was trying to had out candy to the goblins and ghosts who stopped by for a treat. And you want to know the best part about it ~ my boys enjoyed themselves even in their budget friendly costumes, made some new traditions, like selling back some of their candy to my bestie for cash, and even though my hubby wasn't there, he was able to listen the next day as our boys described in detail their Halloween night and how spooktablous it was!


  1. Hi Kristie I love your new blog background it is so pretty.I'm glad to hear how well your doing in Washington and how much fun my favorite little boyfriend and pickle had this Halloween.

  2. Thanks girlie ~ I found a cute header too (thanks to your lovely blog), but could quite figure it out. I posted it fine, but then my title didn't fit properly.... oh well! I so appreciate your support and your post suggesting to visit my blog. You rock!


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