Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So yesterday my hubby decided to keep 9 and 6 home from school so we could have a family day. We decided to take the ferry from Seattle over to Bainbridge to check out the area and see what we could find! Had lunch at a grocery store that has a massive salad bar where you can load up and pay $7.99 a pound for the traditional salad fixings. They also had soup bar which I helped myself to since I loves me some soup. Then we let the boys play at the local park close by then headed our way to Poulsbo! Had so much fun there and they had a YUMMY bakery called Sluy's where 6 got his massive donut! We walked around window shopping ~ and secretly I was hoping to find a Goodwill to do some shopping of my own, but with no luck! It was a great day, but my hubby was feeling the coming ons of a terrible cold, which is in full swing today. Even feeling as bad as he does right now he's at the store picking up some groceries so I can make some sausage and potato soup for him. What an awesome mountain man I have!


  1. Yay for family days and it sounds like you guys had a wonderful day! The picture of 6 makes me really want a donut right now...hehe... so yummy!

    I hope you husband feels better- the soup should definitely help. :)



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