Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Work in Progress

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day in Auburn so we took the opportunity because of the weather and also the holiday to make it over to the storage unit to bring over our first two loads of boxes. 9 and 6 were SO excited to get some of our things over to the cabin, and were especially excited to have found a couple boxes marked "Toys" ~ it was as if it was Christmas morning all over again! So this morning after my post I will start to unpack and go through some of the boxes in hopes to "Simplify" things for the present and the future. Wish me luck!

Also, I need some input on how to lighten up some of my furniture. Our bookcase also has a buffet/hutch that is matching and I am thinking of repainting to lighten our decor because of the darkness inside the cabin. Any suggestions of what to do or any websites that you have visited that might help me? I have decided to start collecting some white accessories too in hopes of brighting up things! Did you see my Acorns and Pumpkin from my previous post? I love them and got them marked down as well as an additional 40% off at Freddy's! I hope to make it over to Goodwill and take a look at what white treasures they may have!


  1. I gave it some thought and I think a way to possibly brighten your shelves would be to go and get some wallpaper or shelf paper and stick it to the backs of the shelves. So when you look directly at the book case you see the paper, that way you don't have to paint it to better fit this house.

  2. That's a good idea! I still might have to refinish my bookcase ~ all those little light areas in the pic are scuff marks!!!! So far the two pieces of furniture we brought over from storage have cosmetic damage. Really disappointing to me, but J said thats what happens when movers do it..... They were even wrapped in moving blankets!?!? How did you refinish you special find from sister in law?


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