Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So last night kicked off getting our home organized! Went made a trip down to the local Ikea to look for some storage furniture for our boys 9 and 6. Now part of the problem here with the clutter and piles is that our furniture has not been move here from our local storage facility. If you remember our furniture finally arrived from California mid December ~ so with the holidays and weather conditions (you know ~ RAIN all... the... time....) we decided to hold off on bringing everything over. So not to make excuses for my mess, but I really have no where to put the clean laundry when it is done. We also lost a dresser when we moved since in our old home we had a Closet Maid System, and now my hubby and I will have to use the large dresser that was once ours, but we had given to the boys, and so it's our again, once it's out of storage of course! So my hubby found these cute little storage units that can be used as a small dresser with the totes as well as a bookcase. So 9 and 6 will each have their own and my hubby has also decided to get the boys a new bunk bed which 9 is SO excited for since they are currently sharing a bed and 6 keeps pushing him to the very edge. I picked up two of the cute hampers so that the boys can sort their own laundry by placing lights in one and darks in the other. We'll see how that will actually turn out in the end.... So after my hubby comes back this afternoon from a meeting (he's interviewing for another position at his job as a supervisor ~ which will be HUGE for our family if it happens ~ so please pray for him) we are going to head back to Ikea to get the goodies and start cleaning up this place of clutter! Hooray! Yippee! Woo hoo!

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