Monday, January 25, 2010

Shopping, Sharing, & Eating

My Saturday was WONDERFUL! I was able to spend a good part of my afternoon with my Bestie doing my three fav things! You got it ~ shopping, sharing and EATING! YES! Was so wonderful to get away from 9 and 6 and have a breather to recharge myself! Bestie and I met up in Gig Harbor, a half way point between our worlds. We started out at the local Goodwill where I found two cute pairs of comfy cargos ~ The black pair are a little snug, but were half off and might give me the motivation to tone that tummy! Still no luck with any white home accessories. Bestie picked up two cute purses, one for herself, the other for her sweet daughter. Then we had an amazing lunch at Blazing Onion! I had died and gone to burger heaven! It must have been the best hamburger I had ever eaten in my 37 years! The food was yummy, the service was great, and we walked out of there with satisfied tummys! Yay us! The burger joint was located in a really cute shopping center that we were able to walk around and get our fill of window shopping. We stopped in a cute shop called Heart and they were having their Annual Sale and I got this cute little jacket for $15. When I got home and showed hubby I noticed that the back of the tag said $168! Holy Cow! What a steal, but to be quite honest ~ not worth $168 and that's probably why it was marked down, DoWn, DOWN! Bestie picked up a cute purple hoodie for $15 too ~ I'll have to ask her what her tag read.... But my best score of the day would have to be the charm necklace Bestie made me for Christmas! I LOVE it so and wore it all day! I love the 50's pic's especially the lady carrying the grocery bags expression! If you likey too check out my previous post "Gotta Show the Love" to her Etsy shop! It was such a fabulous day and didn't want it to end, but had to get back to my men! And back I did with a HUGE smile on my face ~ kinda like 50's gal.... Hee, hee!

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